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            Smart health platform provides users with global health services

            Tongrentang international is committed to become a global leading the wisdom of the health services platform, we take the "people" as the center, with the help of big data, artificial intelligence, chain blocks, and 5 g technology interconnected system of medical health service scenario and the user data, provide people with health consulting and management, online diagnosis and treatment and medical service, health insurance to the whole life cycle of rehabilitation health solutions.

            Internet medical sector

            Tongrentang's Internet medical cloud platform has endowed traditional Chinese medicine with new development opportunities through the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) diagnosis and treatment, and 5G technology. It USES blockchain to build data Banks and exchange data values. Connecting online and offline resources, it can fully empower the health management of hospitals, doctors, patients, pharmacies and even the employees of group enterprises. Tongrentang Internet medical cloud platform of "five minutes AI check-up of traditional Chinese medicine" and "Chinese medicine digital medical record collection document" function, which can realize the tongue like, like, intelligent digital pulse condition information acquisition and analysis, through the acquisition of human tongue, face, pulses and inquiring information, can automatically analyze physical identification assessment is given with personalized four seasons health scheme, digital medical records of TCM for customer acquisition by inputting realize remote characteristic of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine health services. Learn more

            Global e-commerce

            Tongrentang International's global e-commerce business covers cross-border health products, cross-border Traditional Chinese medicine and national top health products. Global electricity sector cooperation the sole agent of the brand is for the world famous brand or resource products with a long history, all supply chain partners must through the national GMP or industry group or similar quality standard assessment, 100% authentic, platform to achieve local straight, without intermediate links, for global customers to provide high-quality health products and professional service. Learn more

            Insurance and Finance

            Relying on the smart medical platform, Tongrentang International Insurance and Finance has successfully cooperated with dozens of authoritative insurance institutions at home and abroad to provide customers with one-stop insurance services, health assessment and wealth management. Service products mainly include: customized individual or group of high-end health care, health, sports, health benefit employers, health risks and high savings risks (policy financing), major disease insurance, universal insurance, life insurance, annuity insurance of share out bonus, traditional community health care, property loss danger, liability insurance, labor protection and so on.

            Smart industry

            Through offline space of smart industry, Tongrentang International reshaps new experience of health management for users. Break the traditional impression of "Traditional Chinese medicine" in the public mind, break the perception that entering the store is "medicine", and integrate natural philosophy into the space design and health management process. The smart industry system consists of five modules: "knowledge", "medicine and food", "service", "innovation" and "data". Each user can build his/her own small universe of health, and learn, consume, experience and create in the whole system, so as to improve his/her healthy life quality.

            全球專家委員會 TRT International Global Expert Committee

            Generic placeholder image

            President Dai Jingzhang

            President of TRT International GEC

            Professor of Kotzting Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

            Vice President of Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine


            Generic placeholder image

            Director Guan Qingwei

            Executive Chairman of TRT International GEC

            Member of Standing Committee of China Association of Chinese Medicine

            Executive director of the world federation of Chinese medicine societies


            Generic placeholder image

            Dieter Melchart Professor

            Expert of TRT International GEC

            Guest Professor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

            Chairman of Science Committee of German’s first Traditional Chinese Medicine hospital


            Generic placeholder image

            Professor Wang Linpeng

            Expert of TRT International GEC

            Director of Acupuncture Center of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

            Dean of the Department of Acupuncture of Capital Medical University


            Generic placeholder image

            Professor Wei Yulong

            Expert of TRT International GEC

            Director of Qigong Teaching and Research Office of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

            Managing Director and Vice Director Medical Qigong


            Generic placeholder image

            Professor Li Zhi

            Expert of TRT International GEC

            Expert of China Health Care Association

            Member of Beijing Geriatrics Association



          1. 06/ Dec

            Trial run of “humane and wise TCM cloud” in “internet+ grass-roots TCM service”

            Recently, “humane and wise TCM cloud solution” cooperated by TRT International, China eHub Service Co., Ltd and Shanghai Daosh Medical Technology Co., Ltd is officially launched in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. “Humane and wise TCM cloud solution” is the trial run of three parties in “internet+ grass-roots TCM service” and three parties give play to their respective... more

          2. 29/ Nov

            TRT International and China eHub signed a strategic contract to devote themselves to create the healthcare big data centered industrial ecology

            On November 29, Result Release of National Pilot Project (Fuzhou) Constructed by Healthcare Big Data Center and Industrial Park & Investment Signing Activity of Ecological Enterprises in Fuzhou” as held in Fuzhou. Partial application results of healthcare big data were released on site and 15 ecological enterprises including TRT International announced to sign to settle in Fuzhou. .... more

          3. 29/ Nov

            Xinhuanet: TRT International made overall arrangement for “Internet+ grass-roots TCM service”

            Recently, TRT International, China eHub and Daosh Medical Technology jointly created the “humane and wise TCM cloud solution” for “internet+ grass-roots TCM service”. .... more

          4. 06/ Nov

            TRT International attended CIIE and started deep strategic cooperation with Natural Factors, the largest health brand in North America.

            All merchants drew together like clouds in the world-expecting event. On November 5, the first session of China International Import Expo was officially opened. It is the first national-level expo taking import as the theme in China and even the world. .... more

          5. 02/ Nov

            TRT International signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Australian Homart Group to make an overall arrangementlayout of global health industry

            On November 2, TRT International was invited to attend the 26th anniversary celebration of Australian Homart Group. Ji Guangfei, Chairman of TRT International, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Australian Homart Group in the dinner party.... more

          6. Cooperative Partner

            • more  

            • Natrual Factors is the first health brand in Canada & North America, has its own organic farms, fully ensuring the natural and pure raw materials. Any fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides are forbidden to be used during the cultivation and cultivation of organic herbs. It has passed the certifications of cGMP, HPB (Health Canada), GLP (Good laboratory) and TGA (Drug Administration). The famous research and development team, represented by Dr. Murray, brings together high-end talents in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, biology and nutrition and other disciplines, and has more than 400 health products developed by themselves, and now provides quality products and comprehensive health support for North America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan, South Korea and other consumers around the world.
            • AFC is the sub-brand of AFC-HD?AMS Life Science Co.,Ltd. which is the Japan's largest health circulation group. AFC's main products are quality-oriented health food and skin care products. All products are developed by the Japan Institute of Preventive Medicine, with the world's top quality raw material manufacturing manufacturers international certification, It has not only obtained Japan's number one food GMP, but also is the first one to be listed on the stock market health food manufacturers. It has set the most complete, the highest standard quality product line in the field of the original Japanese imports. From beauty products to natural healing health care products, AFC products generally have been sold in Japan drug store, and it is the most popular brands in the country.
            • M?llers is Norway's oldest fish oil brand, founded in 1854, and has developed so far along with the history of Norway. M?llers has the world's cleanest resource - the Lofoten Islands in Arctic Circle, which is the fishing site designated by the centennial enterprise. In order to better protect the waters, the government opens fishing to the limited manufacturers only in January to April every year. In order to keep fish oil fresh, M?llers can extract fresh fish oil within 24 hours of fishing to ensure the best activity and nutrition of fish oil.
            • Jarrow is a well-known US nutrition and health care brand, which is founded in 1977, and the headquartered is located in Los Angeles, California, and received numerous awards in the industry with its high quality products and advanced formulations. It is the VityAward winner of US 8-year Health Food. It has won the "Best Diet Supplement" issued by the Journal of American Nutrition for four consecutive years, the "Best Product Award" issued by the American Business Journal and the "Best-selling Products in the United States" in the aspect of Bone-UP products for five consecutive years. Jarrow products have been available in 25 countries around the world and won praise from consumers around the world.
            • MARNYS was founded in 1968, specializing in the development of natural products for nutritional supplements, vitamins and pharmaceuticals. It is the world's first brand of Spanish health care. MARNYS refuses to use genetically modified raw materials, and be in strict accordance with the GMP requirements and ISO9001 quality system for production and management. The "ORGNIC FARMING" certified raw materials are preferred. Each product is subjected to a comprehensive inspection of the laboratory established with reference to the international GLP standard to ensure its quality, efficacy and safety. High standards of production research and development level and the source control of the product quality have make MARNYS products become world-renowned and more than 400 products have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions.
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